Blog birthday and sights of London

Happy Belated Birthday to my little blog Yogi in Action.

Birthday Pictures 050

I started this blog on September 5, 2012, with my first post, Starting a Blog. I then blogged for about a week, and took about a month and a half off. I was writing my final accounting exam, which is a 3 day exam, and was too brain dead after each day to put up a post. After that, I went to Jamaica for a week, and after getting back home, my internet at home didn’t work for about 3 weeks. Clearly I was a motivated blogger from the start :P

While my blogging objectives have changed since I started (I actually just changed my About page), I have to admit that I love blogging. I love having a space to share what I’m thinking, healthy living choices I’m trying to make, and having a forum to post about what I’m up to. My favourite part is comments from other people, and interacting with those people, and the many, many new blogs I’ve discovered since I started blogging. Thanks to everyone who reads- whether you’ve been reading for a day or since the beginning- I appreciate each and everyone of you!

In other news- the last week in London was amazing! I went exploring a couple of nights with a few other women that were in the same training as me. Each day we walked about 6 miles (10 kms) as we saw the sights. I was blessed with sunny weather for the majority of my time in London, which made it much easier to walk everywhere we needed to go. I’ve probably done more walking in the past week than I did the entire month before arriving.

The sights I saw:


Trafalgar Square


Big Ben

IMG_1922London Eye

IMG_1923The Thames River

IMG_1929Buckingham Palace

IMG_1935The gates at Buckingham Palaces

IMG_1943This was delicious ice cream- they made it in front of you fresh and then added nitrogen which froze it instantly.

IMG_1950Coconut ice cream with salted caramel sauce. Sooo good

And last up: me enjoying some delicious, delicious lobster


I have a post coming up about how it’s been to move away to a different country, and some of the difficulties I’ve experienced in the past two weeks! It’s definitely an experience so far guys :)

How was everyone’s weekend?

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