The food in Costa Rica

Happy Monday everyone! I can honestly say this has been my most anticipated Monday in a long time- as I start work today. The weekend was spent exploring, relaxing, and still trying to get on UK time (I’m generally fine during the day- it’s at nighttime that I notice the jet lag, as I typically can’t fall asleep until 3 am, but then trying to get out of bed in the morning, I feel like I could sleep all day).

Since I haven’t been up to too much since arriving, and in my goal of continuing to tell you guys about my adventure in Costa Rica, I wanted to talk today about the food there.

First up, fresh fruit in Costa Rica is the best. There is nothing that compares. Pineapple and mango in Costa Rica was unlike anything I had ever had before- so juicy and fresh. I could’ve lived off of it (besides, you know- the fact that I couldn’t actually survive on just fruit).

While in Costa Rica, my grocery shopping consisted of buying all fresh produce from a fruit truck. The fruit truck arrived every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10 am. The truck was filled with produce from around Costa Rica-so it was all local. Some weeks it would have certain things, like broccoli, and the next week they wouldn’t have any. Local items at their best- only what’s available.


The eggs were never refrigerated, which at first I thought was strange- that is, until I ate them. I have never had as tasty of eggs as I did with those ones. Omelets became the best thing I had ever eaten


Because of where I was, which was Nosara, Costa Rica, there was an abundance of restaurants which offered local, healthy food. Nosara is a yoga, surfer town and it definitely shows by the options available. There was a restaurant owned by a woman who was a French chef. She made her own ice cream (best ice cream ever), as well as made breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best coffee I’ve ever had in my life, along with delicious breakfasts.


There were other local restaurants, some owned by local staff. Typically breakfast at those restaurants had orders that started around 2500 colones, which is equivalent to about $5 american.

I made myself a lot of rice and beans for snacks. As well as countless smoothies, hummus and cracker snacks and sesame seed granola bars.

Overall, the food in Costa Rica was much fresher than the food you typically get in Canada. And the fresh produce showed by having more flavour in everything I ate. Think pineapple that was sweet. Mango that had juices running down your arms when you cut into it. Passion fruit that you could eat until time ran out.

There wasn’t much meat to be had around Nosara. Chicken occasionally. Fresh fish sometimes, which I enjoyed. But pork and red meat were pretty rare to find. A typical meal looked like the picture below- some rice, chicken, beans, veges and fried plantains


I greatly enjoyed the food available in Costa Rica. In fact, writing this post I realized that I really miss a lot of that food. Specifically all the fresh produce and the fried plaintains.

But, hopefully I’ll have a fun post for you guys soon about the food I’m eating here! So far I haven’t tried fish and chips, or any mutton (that makes me think of England- anyone else?).

What was your favourite food that you enjoyed during a vacation?

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5 thoughts on “The food in Costa Rica

  1. Love the Central American food!! We haven’t been to Costa Rica, but the food in Nicaragua and Panama is similar. I agree with you so much fresher! I can’t wait to go back.

    Good luck with your first day at work.

  2. The food in Costa Rica sounds and looks great!
    I’m not sure mutton is typical of the UK though – I’ve never eaten it in my life and never see it on menus anywhere. You should have fish n chips soon though! Also, a roast dinner with yorkshire pudding and a cream tea! (not one after another though…)

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