Arrived in Cambridge

I have landed in Cambridge. Well- I’ve actually been here for 3 days now, but I don’t have wi-fi where I’m staying and I’ve been trying to get use to the time change, which has resulted in lots of sleeping and relaxing.

I can’t get over that I’m here. My last day in Canada was quite the busy day. My mom had to work, so I had plans to meet a friend for coffee and another for a pedicure. I woke up with my mom at 6 am to pack (because you know- I still hadn’t packed) and when I went to grab my suitcases, realized that Mark had two of my suitcases and I only had one left- to pack everything that I would need for the next year and a half!

Therefore, I had to make an unexpected trip to the mall to buy a suitcase. It made to be a slightly more stressful day, which I had already left to be very stressful.

With the stress of trying to pack everything, and say good bye to a few final people, I was feeling pretty anxious about the entire thing. It truly is a scary thing, which is something I hadn’t thought much about before I was actually leaving. People always comment on what an adventure it is, which it is that as well, but any part of an adventure has a scary component to it. You’re leaving everything that you know for something that is completely unfamiliar.

It wasn’t until I got onto the plane that it hit me. I’m moving to Cambridge! I’m going to live in Europe! I’ve been working towards this for so long and it’s now happening. I can take weekend trips to London, or Paris, or Italy, or Spain, or so many other places.

I’ve had a few moments in my life where I’ve truly felt proud of myself for pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. At 18, I moved to a different city, to live in residence in a city that I didn’t know anyone. At 23, I went on a two month backpacking trip through South East Asia, by myself. And now, at 27, I’m moving to a different country, by myself (well, for a little while. Mark is eventually joining me).

This year has been so filled with so much adventure. The past 3 years of my life before this one were filled with school and work. I often felt bored with the life I was leading. And then suddenly in the last year, everything came together that allowed me to travel Jamaica,


China, spent a week in Toronto, completed my yoga teacher training, get engaged to the most amazing man and now, have moved to a different country for a year and a half (there were suppose to be pictures with each of these life events, but unfortunately my wi-fi isn’t strong enough to upload the pictures).


It truly shows me that anything you put your mind to, and work really hard towards, it can happen.

I’m so excited and terrified to be here. Both emotions are happening simultaneously and it makes the experience terrific and terrible all at once. But sometimes the best thing in life is to be scared by what you’re doing, right? Though I do have to admit- I’m looking forward to going to work on Monday‚Ķ.if only to meet some people. I’m lonely out here all by myself!

What’s the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done?

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