What I’ve been up to

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in a blog post! This past week has been crazy! Moving to a different country means a lot of work that I hadn’t originally thought about! I was feeling pretty terrified about a week ago, but I’m feeling much better these days. I’ve sold my car, went through all my clothes and donated 4 bags worth of stuff I don’t wear anymore. I went through my office and got rid of bags and bags of papers and binders- dating back to my University days. It’s amazing how quickly you can accumulate junk. I’m moving to the UK with clothes, toiletries, my laptop, my camera, iPad, and an empty journal. Everything else is replaceable and will be bought there. Simplicity at its best.

I’ve also been trying to see everyone before leaving as well. So many coffee dates, dinners, lunches- I don’t think I’ve made a meal for myself in weeks. It’s been wonderful but so sad. It’s so hard to say good bye to people- even if I am coming back eventually.


I fly out on Monday night, with a flight that arrives in London on Tuesday, August 27 at 2:15 pm. I have arrangements for where I’ll be staying for my first week in Cambridge, and then I’m actually spending a week in London for training, before settling into Cambridge for the next year and a half. For right now my accommodations are set up for the next month, but then I have to find somewhere more permanent to live.

Mark isn’t coming to join me until the end of October. So we’re looking at another 8 weeks apart. Between me being in Costa Rica for the entire month of July, and then Mark working out of town on again and off again throughout August, we haven’t had a big chunk of time with each other for a really long time. I’m looking forward to the time when we’ll have more time together. I always have so much fun with Mark, and it sometimes feels like my day isn’t complete until I can share it with him.


My mom is visiting this weekend, and I am so excited to see her. My mom and I have always had a close relationship, even though we don’t have a chance to visit each other very often. I think that actually made it easier when I decided I wanted to live outside of Canada, as I already only see my family once or twice a year- so as long as they come and visit me while I’m away- it won’t be much different. I’ve already received many promises from friends and family that they’ll be visiting, so I hope that I’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces in the upcoming months.

Kelowna vacation 189

Though I want to spend the entire time my mom is here visiting with her, I’ll unfortunately have to spend some of the time she’s here getting myself ready to go. Because- you know, it’s 3 days until I leave and I still haven’t packed anything! Does anyone else spend day after day looking at their closet and thinking to themselves: I have nothing to wear?! I think that every single day, but when I went to get rid of things, suddenly I love everything I own! I have too many clothes to bring with me, but I love everything I have left. So now I’m left with figuring out what to bring, and what to get rid of. I’ve at least figured out what to toss and what to store. Baby steps right?

What’s everyone else been up to? If you had to move to a different country- What’s the one thing you would bring with you??

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to

  1. What an adventure! It will be kind of nice starting over with a fresh slate. I often joke that I wish someone would come empty my house and I could add things back in as I need them. I have so much clutter that I just don’t need. But you are right when it comes down to the decision to let it go I love everything.

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