Teaching my first yoga class

So with everything that’s happening with my move to UK, it feels like I’ve forgotten to tell you guys about anything about Costa Rica. Remember how I was in Costa Rica just a mere 19 days ago?


So first up, I wanted to tell you all about teaching my own yoga class. We were told on week 1 that at the end of the program, we would be teaching our very own 90 minute class. The first thought I had when I was told this was, “Do I have to?” My second thought was, “But what will I say?” Yes, I realize I was at a yoga teacher training, but it still seemed terrifying that I was going to have teach a class.


I put it out of my mind for the next 3 weeks, as we learnt assists and cues for different poses and sequences. Throughout the three weeks, I found my voice. The first few days, I struggled on what to tell the other person so they would know what I meant. How do you explain to someone what “Mountain” looks like? How do you tell them to move their body in the way you want them to move it?

Then, one day, I was partnered with someone who, when they walked me through the sequence, didn’t parrot back to me the cues we were learning, but put it in her own words. As I listened to her, I realized that I knew these poses. I didn’t need to remember the cues I was learning in the moment because I already knew the cues. I knew that Warrior 2 has your feet on a tight rope, with the bent knee open so you can see your big toe. I didn’t need to learn this- I just needed to remember what I already knew.


From then on, it became easier. I had the confidence in myself that I could do this. Every morning yoga class, I gained confidence in my body of what it was capable of doing. And every afternoon, in our sessions, I gained confidence in my ability to teach others what to do.

So by the time week 4 hit, and we were suppose to teach a class, I was nervous but felt ready. So when the names were called of who was teaching in what order, and I learnt I was the first to teach- on Monday morning at 6 am, I felt a little nervous. But mostly- I felt excitement. Excitement that I was actually going to do this.


Sunday afternoon, I went up to the area that I was going to be teaching and put together my sequence. It started with me trying to match up songs to the area of the sequence I was doing. But inspiration took over and suddenly I had pages of poses I wanted to do, and even more ideas running through my head. I ran through the practice sequence and called it a day.

Monday morning arrived, and with it, my nerves. Suddenly, my heart was beating so fast that I was sure others could hear it. I had been paired with 5 of the most supportive women, so I knew that even if I taught the worst class, I was still in a really safe place. I kept repeating that to myself as I got ready to teach the class.


As my playlist began, I sat with everyone and settled myself into my body. And as we began to move, my nerves completely left me.

Things that I had planned to do in the class sometimes didn’t feel right, so I would substitute it with others. Some things came to me as we went through the class. I felt truly inspired throughout the entire class. And I knew that my inspiration was coming out, and the class was exactly what I hoped it would be.


As the class ended in a guided meditation in shavasana, I felt such love. Love for myself for having gone out of my comfort zone and doing this. Love for those in the class for letting me lead them through 90 minutes of yoga. The moment itself was so fulfilling, and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

As that moment faded away with everyone finishing the class, I felt happiness for having had that moment. The women in my group gave me amazing feedback for having taught them a great class. I think I floated on my way home- being greeted by people on the path, having them tell me they heard my class was great.


Truly, it was an amazing experience. While I won’t be teaching yoga for awhile now, just due to time constraints, I will definitely remember the feeling of teaching yoga for a long time.

And for anyone who’s nervous about trying something new- I say wholeheartedly: Just do it! It’s such an amazing experience to overcome your fear, and climb to the other side of it.

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3 thoughts on “Teaching my first yoga class

  1. Yay!! I’m glad you had such a positive experience! I didn’t teach a full class during my teacher training, so before I taught my first paying class I had a few private sessions with my mom and one if a friend who allowed me to practice and find my way.

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