Farewell party

Thanks for the positive comments on understanding my reducing my blog posts. Life certainly does get busy sometimes!

For me, this week it finally sunk in that I am moving to the UK! For so long in my mind it’s been a “One day” kind of event. So I’d look at flats in Cambridge, or look at the news of what was happening in that area- but all with the safety of knowing I didn’t have to do anything because I wasn’t moving yet. I no longer have that knowledge. I am moving in 11 days!


Things are happening quickly now to prepare me for moving. My last day of work in Canada is tomorrow. My flight is booked to leave. I’m trying to sell my car. I’m starting to cancel important things- like my cell phone services and insurance for my car. And worst of all- I need to start packing up my things. It’s happening guys- I’m leaving.

Most real of all was over the weekend, my friend had a farewell party for me. It was an amazing party, which was super fun. And I didn’t even think about the fact that a lot of these people I won’t see for a long time. Well, I didn’t think about it until the next day anyways.

Some pictures of the party:

DSC01849Mark and I. My friend had bought crowns for the royal family in UK

DSC01850My closest friends in our crowns

DSC01853My friend Cara, who hosted the party, got me a delicious DQ ice cream cake

DSC01866Cara had made headbands with rain clouds, since it always rains in the UK

DSC01897Playing “Game of Things” which if you haven’t played- I highly recommend playing soon. So much fun!

DSC01883More fun with the game

Beyond the cake, decorations, and games- we also had a fire pit set up outside so we could have a fire all night. All in all, it was the best farewell party I could’ve asked for.

Has anyone else ever had a big move? What are some big things I need to make sure I do before leaving? Last time I moved (not counting moves within the same city), I was only 18 so there wasn’t much I needed to think of.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell party

  1. Glad I found your blog, as I’ve been thinking of getting certified as a yoga instructor and will definitely be reading more. Can’t believe you’re doing such a big move, that’s awesome and very admirable! Good luck!

    • Thanks for reading and for leaving such a positive comment!! I loved the process of getting certified as a yoga instructor, so I highly recommend everything else to do it :)

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