Experimenting in the kitchen

Last week, I over booked myself!

I had a friend visiting from Australia, I stepped up my workouts to try and get into better shape for yoga teacher training, I spent a bunch of time with Mark, AND I went a little crazy experimenting in the kitchen. While it made for a very, very busy week- it also made for some fun time in the kitchen!

My first experiment was on Monday night. Mark and I were driving to the grocery store, and we got talking about McCain deep and delicious cake. Mark LOVES that cake, for reasons I will never fully understand. I told him that I could make him a better chocolate cake- and started looking on my phone for recipes. I ended up getting side tracked with Jenna’s peanut butter cake with vegan salted chocolate ganache recipe. Not a chocolate cake- but I knew I had to make it. I quickly added the ingredients we needed to buy to our grocery list (except forgetting eggs and therefore having to make a quick stop in the middle of preparing it which was a pain in the butt) and I was baking before I knew it.

Bed and breakfast 031Bed and breakfast 034Bed and breakfast 032

It was really, really good guys. As you can tell in the pictures- I didn’t let my chocolate ganache cool down for long enough before pouring it on the cake, which meant we had a pool of chocolate ganache on the plate. This resulted in Mark and I┬ástealing┬ábites of pure chocolate whenever the opportunity arose.

I highly recommend making this.

The next day, I knew I wanted Mark and I to make almond milk, from Angela at Ohsheglows. I had asked Mark to pick up a nut milk bag during the day, but those things are not easy to find. As such, we ended up having quite the mess while we were straining it.

Bed and breakfast 036

We at first tried to use a coffee filter- but Mark and I don’t use paper filters. We have a reusable filter and the mesh was too fine to let any liquid through. Mar thought of the idea of using the mesh that garlic is wrapped in. So we first strained it using that, and then strained it using our coffee filter. It was a pretty big pain in the ass, but DELICIOUS…and very, very messy.

Bed and breakfast 037

The third experiment I had in the kitchen, was making pistachio falafel with homemade salsa from Sprouted Kitchen.

You can see the salsa in the picture above- as we adapted the recipe a bit. Mark added more garlic, onions and some balsamic vinegar. The entire thing took maybe 20 minutes to make, and was fantastic.

Bed and breakfast 039I swear there are pistachio falafel’s under all that salsa!

I thought it would be a fun meal for kids, as the falafel balls are slightly green, as a result of the pistachio and mint and cilantro.

By the end of the week, I was more than ready for a relaxing weekend. However, all my experiments were definitely worth it!

Do you ever experiment in the kitchen? What are you making that’s new this week?

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