Meals for the week

Day 3 of no TV!

Yesterday I wasn’t at home long enough to even notice. I got home from work at 7, ate dinner with Mark, and then we went for a swim together. It was great to get some good exercise after sitting on my butt all day at work.

As I’ve mentioned on here before, one of my biggest tips for staying healthy when super busy is to plan ahead! I’ll sit down on Sunday and plan out my week- nights I’ll exercise, meals that we’ll eat, who’s making what meal, and sometimes, I’ll even try and pre-plan out my blog posts. It takes time on Sunday but the pay off throughout the week is well worth it. As such, I thought I’d share some meals I’ve been eating lately. It’s much more fun to do it after I’ve already had them- since then there are pictures that go with it.

As always, if you’re curious about how to make something- let me know. I can either direct you on where I got the recipe from, or let you know what the recipe was that I used.

Last week:

Monday: Chilli with soy meat and cheese bread:

Easter 289

Mark made this and it was DELICIOUS. It had a nice kick of spice in it, due to the jalapenos, but also had red and orange peppers, mushrooms, beans and a bunch of tomatoes.

Tuesday: Salad rolls with peanut sauce:

Easter 297

After last weekend’s get together, I had a ton of leftover peanut sauce. It was too delicious to go to waste, so I made us salad rolls early in the week. I could honestly eat salad rolls every day because I love them that much- it’s a slight obsession of mine.

Wednesday: Chicken burgers and kale salad

Easter 303

The burgers were super simple- chicken meat, feta and a bunch of spinach, eaten on a whole wheat bun with some mayo, mustard, hot sauce, tomatoes and a pickle. The kale salad was loosely made off of Ohsheglows recipe’s: Weekend Glow Salad. I say loosely because we pretty much just make the dressing, and then add whatever toppings we have in the fridge. This one had red peppers, apples, craisins and walnuts.

After this meal was when I started to feel sick, so I didn’t take pictures of the next few. Imagine a lot of chicken noodle soup and tea from Thursday through Saturday. I was finally feeling up to real food by Sunday.


Dinner 001

Chicken stir fry on noodles. This was delicious! The sauce was homemade, and included peanut butter, oyster sauce, a bit of honey and water. It was nice and light, but so tasty.

Monday night: Homemade pizza

Dinner 004

This pizza was so light and tasty. I made the dough using eatliverun’s recipe, and then we topped it with a bunch of veggies and cheese. Mark’s also had bacon and pepperoni.

And that’s what about a week’s worth of dinner’s in my house look like.

Do you have a “go-to” dish that you usually make for dinner?

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