Weekend of relaxing and documentaries

Happy Monday everyone!

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was nice and relaxing, which I greatly enjoyed.

Friday night Mark and I had our date night. Right now the Global Film Festival is in town, so we went and checked it out.

Movie night 007

Friday night we saw the documentary “Chasing Ice”


It was a beautiful documentary. The premise of it was that the photographer sets up cameras in several areas of the world, and the cameras take a picture every hour for three years. With these pictures, they essentially watch glaciers recede at an alarming rate. The movie really proves how global warming is not something that is going to affect the future, the changes are happening NOW.

After the movie, we went home and Mark cooked up a lasagna. We had some wine and just relaxed for the evening.

Saturday was a great, relaxing day. My sister and I skyped for almost 4 hours while we each made the same cinnamon buns. So despite the fact that we were a province apart, we baked together. It was wonderful. We both made the cinnamon rolls from eatliverun.

Cinnamon buns 050

I liked them, but Mark did not. But then again, Mark doesn’t like orange flavored baked goods- so I don’t know why he thought he would enjoy them. They were a little dry, but I might have just over baked them.

Saturday night I had friends over for some wine and movies. I had a girls night in the living room, while Mark had a boys night in our garage.

Sunday, I went and saw another documentary- The Carbon Rush.


Carbon Rush was a very intense documentary. They looked at the carbon credit market- which if you’ve never heard of it before, is in line with the Kyoto protocol. Businesses are only allowed to produce so much carbon emissions in a year. However, they can purchase “carbon credits” from other companies that have excess carbon emissions, so that they can continue to pollute the environment. Great in theory right?

This documentary looked at the initiatives that are suppose to be helping the environment. And it was very, very depressing. Land was taken from peasants, they were blocked out of water sources, their farms died and every other travesty that can happen to those who already have nothing.

Watching these two documentaries were very depressing. As an individual, I know that we have screwed up the world. We have polluted it and are starting to see the effects of the way we live our life.

But, I don’t know what I am suppose to do to make it better. I recycle everything I can, I compost, I buy local, organic produce, I don’t use plastic bags.

Organic Box 004

But I still drive my car, which emits carbons. I fill it up with gas, that those gas companies are purchasing those carbon credits.

I feel like there’s so much wrong in the world right now. We have global warming, people being oppressed by world leaders, religion, sexism. We have so much wrong in the world- it’s overwhelming to even know where to start.

I want a documentary that shows me what I can do to help. Does anyone know? How do we start making this world a better place?


I ended my weekend of documentaries with a relaxing massage from Mark. Him and I have been trying to schedule the appointment for weeks, and we finally made it happen. It was a great end to the weekend.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

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