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Another day closer to the weekend!

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I celebrated the hump of the week by going to a 90 minute moksha class. I typically only go to 60 minute classes, as the timing of the classes work better with my schedule. However, with my reduced work load this week, I took advantage and found a bit more time to do yoga.

The class itself was great- hot and sweaty, my muscles shook and I felt great throughout the class. However, in final shavasana (the pose which when translated means “corpse pose” since you lay there and don’t move), I found myself being very distracted. My mind was ALL over the place. I kept trying to bring it back to the moment and focus on my breath, but before I knew it, it was gone again. At one point I even caught myself writing this very blog post about being distracted in yoga class, while I was distracted in yoga class. Ironic, right?

Now, the purpose of yoga, or any meditation, is not to stop all thought, as I discussed in my post about yoga as a moving meditation.

However, I think distraction plays a larger problem in our day-to-day lives. I think there are so many ways to distract ourselves- with tv, movies, video games, shopping, even exercise, that we don’t deal with the important things of life.

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Rather than dealing with the problems in our lives, we find a way to disconnect from it. I think it stems from childhood, when you’re afraid so you hide under the blanket. But as adults, the monsters of our imagination don’t go away if we try and pretend to be an ostrich (and stick our head in the sand). We need to confront these issues! Ask ourselves, what we’re doing to make ourselves happy in life.

It’s a hard question- that none of us, myself included, really want to answer. But if we can stop being distracted with how much we weigh, what we ate, how fashionable our clothes are, and when our favourite tv show starts, we can take the question and lead a better life.

I’m currently reading the book “Introduction to Tantra” and this passage really spoke to me about this:

Feeling somehow incomplete, insecure, and unfulfilled, we look outside ourselves for something or someone that will make us feel whole. Either consciously or subconsciously we feel, “If only I had such-and-such, then I would be happy!” With this thought as our impulse we try to possess whatever attractive object seems most likely to fulfill our desire. In the process we turn the object into an idol, overestimating its attractive qualities until it bears little resemblance to its actual nature.

If we are unsuccessful in our striving- if the object remains outside our grasp- then of course we are disappointed; the more we desire the object the more distraught we become when we are unable to posses it.

But what happens when we are successful, when we do get what we want? What we end up with and what we hoped to end up with turn out to be two very different things. For what we find ourselves in possession of is not the longed-for dream image – the permanent, complete, and ever-satisfying solution to our deepest problems- but something that is as imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent as we are ourselves.

So, if you guys want to share, what are your biggest distractions? Do you make sure to find time to do the things that matter?


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