My action packed weekend

Morning everyone,

How was your weekend?

My weekend was absolutely jam-packed! It’s a long weekend here in Alberta, but sadly, because of how busy this time of year is, I always end up working it. Well, not just me, but the entire office that I work with. As such, people kept making comments how happy they were that it was a long weekend- and I kept on looking at them in confusion.

But I feel as though I had a long-weekend, because I jam-packed it so full of activity!

Friday night was Mark’s and my date night. Every once and a while, on our date night, Mark will just tell me when to be ready and how to dress, and he’ll surprise me on a night out. Once it was to ready for 7:30 and wear a dress, and he took me to see a play. Another time was to be ready for 9 and to wear something nice, and we saw live jazz. On Friday, it was to be ready for 6:30 and dress warm. I had a guess with what it was, but I was so excited when I was right:

Ice skating 013

Ice skating!

This was especially exciting, as I have wanted to go ice skating with Mark since we first started dating. Mark, however, has never wanted to go. He played hockey for 12 years, and to him, going skating is akin to going for a walk (something else that I love doing and he doesn’t at all). It was also beautiful this weekend, so we didn’t even need our jackets while we were skating outside

Ice skating 010

After skating was over, we went home and made our three cheese calzone’s. The thing I find about making recipes from other blogger’s is very much like the picture below:

IPhone pic's 177Mine just never quite look as pretty as there’s did. We also used whole-wheat flour, which if you make the recipe, I don’t recommend. It made it a bit more chewy than I would’ve enjoyed.

Ice skating 023

And just in case you’re wondering how we had time to do all of this on a Friday night- it’s because we ate dinner at 11:30 at night. We ended up going to bed about 30 minutes after eating.

Saturday, I met up with my friend to go to an Aqua-fit class with her. It’s always kind of funny to go- as the class is filled with old ladies and men and then us. But you can chose the level of workout you want to get- and we always enjoy it because we chat throughout the entire class.

Afterwards, she came over and we watched a movie (while I watched it, she listened to it while she knit)

Ice skating 028

I then made her, Mark, Mark’s friend and myself dinner. We had a delicious leek and mushroom soup (which if you want the recipe, let me know) and some fresh bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was one of the meal’s from the week plan but that ended up getting switched out one of the night’s (which I’ll be chatting about more tomorrow).

My friend left, and then I had a skype date with a friend of mine that lives in Australia. It’s hard to find a time to chat, as she’s 17 hours ahead. Which means that when we were chatting at 8:30 pm for me, it was 1:30 in the afternoon, on Sunday for her. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding a year and a half ago, and since she moved, we haven’t had much of a chance to catch up so it was fantastic to “see” her and get caught up.

I then rounded out my Saturday with some poker. Mark had about 9 guys over for a poker game, and they were nice enough to let me join. That, or they just wanted my money. I think it was probably the second option. I played until 2 am and lost $20 over the evening.

Sunday was a more relaxed day, and started out with Mark and I lounging on the couch, watching movies.

Ice skating 029

We watched “Forks over Knives” and finished up “Food Matters”. Both were great documentaries.

However, the thing that gets me about these kind of movies, is how biased they are. “Food Matters” talks about how great Vitamin C is at curing cancer- but how many people chose to get the Vitamin C treatment and still die? “Forks over Knives” was very heavily biased towards being a vegan, and I think that’s too extreme for the majority of people. If I was eating McDonalds everyday, and watched that documentary, which told me to give up dairy and meat and eggs so I could be healthy, I think I would feel more hopeless that I could ever become healthy, rather than feeling empowered. I think more documentaries need to tell people how to be healthy by taking baby steps.

Mark and I rounded out our Sunday with visiting his mom and his nieces (she was babysitting) and playing hide-and-go-seek for a few hours. Tip- when playing with a 5 year old, you can hide in the exact same spot multiple times in a row, and they will still act surprised when they find you there.

Then we went grocery shopping, and made some food. My Sunday’s are usually my relax and be boring day for the weekend.

Ice skating 038

What did everyone else get up to this weekend? Anyone else have a long weekend? Anyone have big plans for the week?

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