Meals for the week

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I thought I would share my meal plan for the week, as well my exercise plan. I use to post this every week, but then I got bored of posting it every week- so I assumed everyone else would be bored of reading it. However, this is the first week in a while I’ll be cooking every day and not ordering out or eating out- so to make sure that I follow through with what I want to make, I’m posting it for you guys to see.


Last night, I made burritos with black beans and soy meat. It was inspired from eatliverun’s recent recipe: Turkey and black bean burrito. 

Except instead of turkey meat, I used soy meat, and I made guacamole instead of just having avocado slices.

It was delicious! Simple, fast and tasty. My favourite kind of meal.

I did about 45 minutes of at home yoga after dinner.


Tonight, we’ll be having jerk chicken, with potatoes and carrots. We bought the jerk seasoning when we were in Jamaica in September, and have absolutely been loving it. Jamaicans make delicious chicken!


I’m making mushroom and leek soup with fresh bread and olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.

I’m also going to a moksha class with a friend of mine that night.


I’m making stuffed butternut squash, with quinoa, mushrooms and some parm cheese. I saw it on pinterest, and Fitnessista also recently made it.

Mark works until 9 on Thursday’s, and with my rant yesterday on Valentine’s Day, I’m sure no one’s surprised to hear that we won’t be celebrating. I’m planning on going to a yoga class that night, and then having some quiet time at home.


I’m making three cheese kale calzones. We will also be enjoying them with a couple of beers- as I feel like you need to have beer with calzones.

I’m so excited to be at home and cooking again- I can’t wait for the new recipes this week! I’ll be sure to let you guys know how they all turn out.

What’s everyone else making this week? Or work outs that you’re doing?

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