A year in review

So lately I have spent a lot of time trying to decide whether I should delete my blog, or try and revive it and bring it back. I think I’ve written about 3 posts now that promised I was back and was going to be updating on a more regular basis. However, those have all clearly been lies.

I would like to start blogging again. Just sometimes, I’m not sure what to say. This year has had more changes than anything I’ve ever experienced before.

In the past 12 months, I:

Completed my yoga teacher training


Moved to a different country:

DSC02723 DSC02843DSC02869

Have done a lot of traveling throughout Europe:


DSC03433 DSC03498 DSC03677

Nice, France:

IMG_4097 IMG_4161 IMG_4188

Milan, Italy:

DSC02272 DSC02305 DSC02321


DSC03779 DSC03833 DSC03910

I have so many more pictures from my travels, I’ve also been to Florence and Pisa, in Italy, as well as Amsterdam, Holland, and Switzerland. I’m heading back for a trip to Canada next week, and then am off to Bulgaria for another week. After that, I probably will be doing less travelling for a bit, but am going to try and go to Paris for Christmas.

On top of those changes, I’ve also had quite a few personal changes, which I will not be going into on here. But needless to say, I am not the same person I was a year ago.

This is a very brief overview of my past year- but it’s been why in the past year I’ve stopped blogging. I am hoping to start up again on a semi-regular basis. With check-ins of my travels, updates on yoga (still doing a lot of it- thank goodness for a travel mat), and generals of how I’m doing. If anyone out there is still reading, thanks for waiting for my most recent up date.

If you are still out there- tell me how you’ve been! And tell me where I should go next on my travels.

A life of expectation

How much of our life is led because we were told it should be?

Today I was on Facebook and saw an article with the title “Can you be a yogi and eat red meat?” Intrigued, I clicked on the article. The answer: Yes, you just won’t be a good yogi.

Oh, well thanks for making that clear, random person on the Internet. So if I eat meat, then I am not a good yogi.


My outrage at this article got me thinking- how many things are we told each day that affect the way we think of ourselves? For me, a few immediately came to mind.

If I eat chocolate/sweets, then I am not a healthy eater.

If I put on weight, then I am not attractive.

If I have short hair, then I am not feminine.

If I burp, or god forbid, fart, then I am not a lady.

Now note- none of these judgements are intrinsically true. They are all judgements that have been pushed down onto me, telling me what is acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour.

How much more of my brain, and my life would be free, if I wasn’t constantly trying to meet the expectations of others?

What could I accomplish if I were to shed these expectations that have been put on me by society, and by myself? If I woke up in the morning and asked myself “How do I feel today? What do I want to do? What would make me happy?” would my decisions throughout the day be different?

Would I still go to work? Work a 10 hour day so that I can feel like I have achieved the status of a “good employee”? Would I come home and exercise so I can feel like I have been “healthy” for the day? Go to bed early so I can reach my status quo for tomorrow well rested?

Or would I be free to do that which I actually crave to do?


I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been very selfish with my time. Moving to a different country has made me reassess the entire way I was living my life. Some things came up that surprised me- such as, suddenly realising that it is important to me to achieve something in this world. I use to think I just wanted to enjoy my time with friends and family- but I’m now learning that isn’t enough for me. I want more. At this point, I don’t know what that’s going to look like, or how I’m going to accomplish it. And that’s ok- I’ll get there.

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing yoga (and will start teaching a class for some people from work in January, which is exciting), and spending time with friends I’ve made here. I’ve been going out and drinking and dancing like I was in my early 20’s- crawling into bed on Saturday morning around 4 or 5 am after a night out. I take day trips to London, and I went to Italy last weekend- just for a quick trip away with Mark (who has now joined me).


I had a period before I left for Europe where I thought I had it all figured out. But when you uproot your entire life, it uproots some long-held beliefs. And suddenly I realised- there is so much I just don’t know about the kind of life I want. But I do know that I’m tired of living a life filled with meeting other expectations.

So here’s to more articles about things that I find interesting, or moving, or just generally interest me. And less articles about what I think I should share on a healthy living blog. I hope you enjoy the change. Thanks for waiting for anyone still out there who’s reading.

A quick update

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for the amazing and helpful comments on my last post! Sorry to go so long between posts- suddenly life got busy.

I have good news all around- I now have somewhere to live (which is very, very expensive but doesn’t matter- not homeless), a UK bank account AND friends :)

Since starting in the office, people have been so incredibly kind to me. I didn’t even know people this kind and helpful existed. It has truly been amazing.

I feel like I’ve been struggling with smaller things since moving- like the day I spent 2 hours walking in the rain, late for work, trying to get together what I needed in order to be able to get the money I needed to pay for my damage deposit, so I could rent my flat. Or the afternoon I took off of work so that I could have internet installed in my house, and no one arrived. But for every struggle that I’ve had- I’ve had so many more amazing stories. The guy I work with giving me a free bed, couch, desk, and tv. The people who have offered to help me move, take me grocery shopping, show me the sights.

So far it has been an amazing adventure- and I promise a longer update soon (with more pictures). I’m currently sitting on the floor of my friend’s place, using his internet to type this out. I miss you guys!

I promise I’ll be back soon.

Reflecting on two weeks in a different country

How’s everyone’s week so far? The rain has settled in here, and I’ve decided I need a warmer coat and shoes for this kind of weather!


You can kind of see the clouds…

For the sake of honesty, I thought today I’d share some of the downer sides of relocating to a different country. Before I go into my list though, I wanted to add a disclaimer that even with the difficulties, I’m still really glad to be here. The transition was always expected to be a little rough, and I’m doing my best to adjust with that and have fun with it.

So without further ado, here are some of the things that are less than fun about moving across the ocean:

  • I don’t know anyone. This one is the most obvious, but it’s also the worst one. I’ve been here for two weeks now (I had to count back for that- I thought it had been longer), and I’m definitely noticing the loneliness. My first week, with no work, not knowing anyone, and no wi-fi at my flat, was quite hard. I’m a very social person by nature, so it’s hard for me to have so much time alone. Last week in London was really good, and I had a lot of fun with a couple girls from Scotland. However, now that they’re back at home, and I’m in Cambridge but working in London, the loneliness is setting in again. I miss having people to call for dinners or coffee, or to go see a movie with on a lazy Sunday afternoon. With Mark and I separated, it really adds to this as well. It helps that we text a lot, and over the weekend I skyped with several of my friends, and Mark. I can’t wait for him to be here- it will make the world of difference!

murder mystery 025We just have fun together!

  • I still don’t have a permanent place to live. I’ve set up a couple of appointments to view flats, but they continue to get cancelled because other people have rented them out. I’ve emailed so many different rental agencies about different properties, but no one ever gets back to my emails. I try calling but office hours are 9-5, which is when I’m also at work. Since Cambridge is a University town, and University starts next week- I’m unfortunately competing with students to find somewhere to live. Students who are available to go see a place during the day. This is made additionally hard by the fact that I’m working in London, so can’t even sneak away for 30 minutes to go look at something. I’m starting to become nervous that I won’t be able to find a place and end up homeless. I was comforted today by being told that there’s couches at the office- so I guess worst case scenario is that I will literally live at my office….

Halloween 093Possible look of my new home?

  • I also don’t have a UK bank account- which pretty much eliminates me from doing anything. Like claiming my work expenses for living in London for a week…or being able to get a phone plan…..or buy my groceries with anything besides cash. I also can’t get a bank account until I receive a letter from my HR department stating that I do work here. I requested this a week ago and am still waiting for a response. I start each work day with another follow up email. I do have an appointment next week to set one up, so I am hoping I have received my letter by that point.
  • I need to get a car. I’m holding out on this one as long as possible because I am worried to drive here. I still haven’t figured out which way I need to look before I cross the street- as they drive on the opposite side of the road than we do in Canada. If I can’t remember which way to look before starting to cross the street, I’m worried about my ability to remember which side of the road I should be on when turning right or left. Also with crossing the street- pedestrians do not have the right away here! At least not in the same way as you do in Canada. Here, if you’re waiting to cross the street, cars do not slow down to let you pass (unless you’re at a designated cross area). Yet there are no laws against jay-walking here. You can cross where ever you like- as long as there are no cars. As I got hit by a motorbike crossing the street while in Thailand, this results in me taking forever to get across the streets in London- as I wait much, much longer than the average person.


Those are the biggies that I’m stressing about right now. I feel like once I have somewhere to live, and a UK bank account, and have actually had a day of work in the Cambridge office, so that I can meet some people who actually live where I live, things will start improving. I realize that sounds like a lot of things I’m waiting on- but I’m hoping to have all three of those tackled by this time next week.

So that this post isn’t all negative, here are some things that I’m really loving:

  • Without a car, I am getting so much more exercise! I walk everywhere I go (unless it’s really, really far- then I take a bus). This week I’m averaging about 7 km a day (which is about 4.5 miles) between my walk to the train station, and from the train station in London to the office, and then back again at the end of the day. Last week I had a few days where I walked 10 kms, but the average was probably around 4 kms. It’s amazing- I love walking, and I love, love, love the fact that I can walk where I need to go.
  • My temporary accommodations I’m in for the this week and next week is fantastic. It’s two or three times larger than where I was my first week here, and has everything I need. I wish I could stay here, but unfortunately since it’s a serviced apartment, it’s waaaay to expensive (if I stayed for a month it would cost be $4,500!!). I unpacked for while I’m here and it is heaven to not be living out of a suitcase. Add that with having washed all my clothes, I’m feeling much more settled.
  • Yoga and journalling. That’s one nice thing about not knowing anyone- all my evenings and weekends are free. As such, I have lots of time for things I enjoy. Which means I’ve been doing lots of yoga, and afterwards writing down my thoughts. So far I’ve just been doing yoga at my flat, but I am looking forward to exploring some of the yoga studios here.

IMG_1703Not quite my backdrop for yoga anymore

  • I’m living in Europe! Every once and a while, I remember that and I get so excited. I was in London last week! If I wanted, I could take the train to Paris on the weekend (which as soon as I get my first paycheque here- I’m going to). I am doing something that I’ve dreamt about for years. Even with any negatives, it makes up for all of it with the fact that I’m actually here, doing it.

So there are some negatives, and positives, to my first two weeks here! How’s everyone else’s week (or two weeks) been going?

Blog birthday and sights of London

Happy Belated Birthday to my little blog Yogi in Action.

Birthday Pictures 050

I started this blog on September 5, 2012, with my first post, Starting a Blog. I then blogged for about a week, and took about a month and a half off. I was writing my final accounting exam, which is a 3 day exam, and was too brain dead after each day to put up a post. After that, I went to Jamaica for a week, and after getting back home, my internet at home didn’t work for about 3 weeks. Clearly I was a motivated blogger from the start :P

While my blogging objectives have changed since I started (I actually just changed my About page), I have to admit that I love blogging. I love having a space to share what I’m thinking, healthy living choices I’m trying to make, and having a forum to post about what I’m up to. My favourite part is comments from other people, and interacting with those people, and the many, many new blogs I’ve discovered since I started blogging. Thanks to everyone who reads- whether you’ve been reading for a day or since the beginning- I appreciate each and everyone of you!

In other news- the last week in London was amazing! I went exploring a couple of nights with a few other women that were in the same training as me. Each day we walked about 6 miles (10 kms) as we saw the sights. I was blessed with sunny weather for the majority of my time in London, which made it much easier to walk everywhere we needed to go. I’ve probably done more walking in the past week than I did the entire month before arriving.

The sights I saw:


Trafalgar Square


Big Ben

IMG_1922London Eye

IMG_1923The Thames River

IMG_1929Buckingham Palace

IMG_1935The gates at Buckingham Palaces

IMG_1943This was delicious ice cream- they made it in front of you fresh and then added nitrogen which froze it instantly.

IMG_1950Coconut ice cream with salted caramel sauce. Sooo good

And last up: me enjoying some delicious, delicious lobster


I have a post coming up about how it’s been to move away to a different country, and some of the difficulties I’ve experienced in the past two weeks! It’s definitely an experience so far guys :)

How was everyone’s weekend?

Sight seeing in Cambridge

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

I’ve been in London for 2 days so far, and I have to admit- I love it. I’ve been incredibly lucky in that the sun has been shining every day since I first arrived, which I’ve been told is pretty rare.

Since being in London, pretty much all I’ve done is work, eat and sleep- I thought I would share some of the pictures I took in Cambridge.

First up, the teeny tiny place I stayed in for the first week I was there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe view from the front door. The bedroom/study/living room

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe bathtub- it had electrical heating. I never did figure out how to get hot water anywhere else besides in the shower

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy kitchen, which also had a washing/drying machine

Some of the sights I saw while walking around:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe stunning river and boats

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPart of Cambridge University

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA church from the 12th century (that would be 300 years before the French discovered Canada)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m not sure what this building is, but I love it

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA garden in Cambridge University

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe view I stumbled across while downtown

That’s all for now. I hope to have some time to wander around London either today or tomorrow, so I’ll be checking back soon with some pictures of what I’ve seen. As well as some yoga that I’ve been up to, and the delicious, delicious food I’ve been enjoying!

So my question of the day is: Have you been to London? What do I need to go see?

The food in Costa Rica

Happy Monday everyone! I can honestly say this has been my most anticipated Monday in a long time- as I start work today. The weekend was spent exploring, relaxing, and still trying to get on UK time (I’m generally fine during the day- it’s at nighttime that I notice the jet lag, as I typically can’t fall asleep until 3 am, but then trying to get out of bed in the morning, I feel like I could sleep all day).

Since I haven’t been up to too much since arriving, and in my goal of continuing to tell you guys about my adventure in Costa Rica, I wanted to talk today about the food there.

First up, fresh fruit in Costa Rica is the best. There is nothing that compares. Pineapple and mango in Costa Rica was unlike anything I had ever had before- so juicy and fresh. I could’ve lived off of it (besides, you know- the fact that I couldn’t actually survive on just fruit).

While in Costa Rica, my grocery shopping consisted of buying all fresh produce from a fruit truck. The fruit truck arrived every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10 am. The truck was filled with produce from around Costa Rica-so it was all local. Some weeks it would have certain things, like broccoli, and the next week they wouldn’t have any. Local items at their best- only what’s available.


The eggs were never refrigerated, which at first I thought was strange- that is, until I ate them. I have never had as tasty of eggs as I did with those ones. Omelets became the best thing I had ever eaten


Because of where I was, which was Nosara, Costa Rica, there was an abundance of restaurants which offered local, healthy food. Nosara is a yoga, surfer town and it definitely shows by the options available. There was a restaurant owned by a woman who was a French chef. She made her own ice cream (best ice cream ever), as well as made breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best coffee I’ve ever had in my life, along with delicious breakfasts.


There were other local restaurants, some owned by local staff. Typically breakfast at those restaurants had orders that started around 2500 colones, which is equivalent to about $5 american.

I made myself a lot of rice and beans for snacks. As well as countless smoothies, hummus and cracker snacks and sesame seed granola bars.

Overall, the food in Costa Rica was much fresher than the food you typically get in Canada. And the fresh produce showed by having more flavour in everything I ate. Think pineapple that was sweet. Mango that had juices running down your arms when you cut into it. Passion fruit that you could eat until time ran out.

There wasn’t much meat to be had around Nosara. Chicken occasionally. Fresh fish sometimes, which I enjoyed. But pork and red meat were pretty rare to find. A typical meal looked like the picture below- some rice, chicken, beans, veges and fried plantains


I greatly enjoyed the food available in Costa Rica. In fact, writing this post I realized that I really miss a lot of that food. Specifically all the fresh produce and the fried plaintains.

But, hopefully I’ll have a fun post for you guys soon about the food I’m eating here! So far I haven’t tried fish and chips, or any mutton (that makes me think of England- anyone else?).

What was your favourite food that you enjoyed during a vacation?

Arrived in Cambridge

I have landed in Cambridge. Well- I’ve actually been here for 3 days now, but I don’t have wi-fi where I’m staying and I’ve been trying to get use to the time change, which has resulted in lots of sleeping and relaxing.

I can’t get over that I’m here. My last day in Canada was quite the busy day. My mom had to work, so I had plans to meet a friend for coffee and another for a pedicure. I woke up with my mom at 6 am to pack (because you know- I still hadn’t packed) and when I went to grab my suitcases, realized that Mark had two of my suitcases and I only had one left- to pack everything that I would need for the next year and a half!

Therefore, I had to make an unexpected trip to the mall to buy a suitcase. It made to be a slightly more stressful day, which I had already left to be very stressful.

With the stress of trying to pack everything, and say good bye to a few final people, I was feeling pretty anxious about the entire thing. It truly is a scary thing, which is something I hadn’t thought much about before I was actually leaving. People always comment on what an adventure it is, which it is that as well, but any part of an adventure has a scary component to it. You’re leaving everything that you know for something that is completely unfamiliar.

It wasn’t until I got onto the plane that it hit me. I’m moving to Cambridge! I’m going to live in Europe! I’ve been working towards this for so long and it’s now happening. I can take weekend trips to London, or Paris, or Italy, or Spain, or so many other places.

I’ve had a few moments in my life where I’ve truly felt proud of myself for pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. At 18, I moved to a different city, to live in residence in a city that I didn’t know anyone. At 23, I went on a two month backpacking trip through South East Asia, by myself. And now, at 27, I’m moving to a different country, by myself (well, for a little while. Mark is eventually joining me).

This year has been so filled with so much adventure. The past 3 years of my life before this one were filled with school and work. I often felt bored with the life I was leading. And then suddenly in the last year, everything came together that allowed me to travel Jamaica,


China, spent a week in Toronto, completed my yoga teacher training, get engaged to the most amazing man and now, have moved to a different country for a year and a half (there were suppose to be pictures with each of these life events, but unfortunately my wi-fi isn’t strong enough to upload the pictures).


It truly shows me that anything you put your mind to, and work really hard towards, it can happen.

I’m so excited and terrified to be here. Both emotions are happening simultaneously and it makes the experience terrific and terrible all at once. But sometimes the best thing in life is to be scared by what you’re doing, right? Though I do have to admit- I’m looking forward to going to work on Monday….if only to meet some people. I’m lonely out here all by myself!

What’s the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done?

What I’ve been up to

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in a blog post! This past week has been crazy! Moving to a different country means a lot of work that I hadn’t originally thought about! I was feeling pretty terrified about a week ago, but I’m feeling much better these days. I’ve sold my car, went through all my clothes and donated 4 bags worth of stuff I don’t wear anymore. I went through my office and got rid of bags and bags of papers and binders- dating back to my University days. It’s amazing how quickly you can accumulate junk. I’m moving to the UK with clothes, toiletries, my laptop, my camera, iPad, and an empty journal. Everything else is replaceable and will be bought there. Simplicity at its best.

I’ve also been trying to see everyone before leaving as well. So many coffee dates, dinners, lunches- I don’t think I’ve made a meal for myself in weeks. It’s been wonderful but so sad. It’s so hard to say good bye to people- even if I am coming back eventually.


I fly out on Monday night, with a flight that arrives in London on Tuesday, August 27 at 2:15 pm. I have arrangements for where I’ll be staying for my first week in Cambridge, and then I’m actually spending a week in London for training, before settling into Cambridge for the next year and a half. For right now my accommodations are set up for the next month, but then I have to find somewhere more permanent to live.

Mark isn’t coming to join me until the end of October. So we’re looking at another 8 weeks apart. Between me being in Costa Rica for the entire month of July, and then Mark working out of town on again and off again throughout August, we haven’t had a big chunk of time with each other for a really long time. I’m looking forward to the time when we’ll have more time together. I always have so much fun with Mark, and it sometimes feels like my day isn’t complete until I can share it with him.


My mom is visiting this weekend, and I am so excited to see her. My mom and I have always had a close relationship, even though we don’t have a chance to visit each other very often. I think that actually made it easier when I decided I wanted to live outside of Canada, as I already only see my family once or twice a year- so as long as they come and visit me while I’m away- it won’t be much different. I’ve already received many promises from friends and family that they’ll be visiting, so I hope that I’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces in the upcoming months.

Kelowna vacation 189

Though I want to spend the entire time my mom is here visiting with her, I’ll unfortunately have to spend some of the time she’s here getting myself ready to go. Because- you know, it’s 3 days until I leave and I still haven’t packed anything! Does anyone else spend day after day looking at their closet and thinking to themselves: I have nothing to wear?! I think that every single day, but when I went to get rid of things, suddenly I love everything I own! I have too many clothes to bring with me, but I love everything I have left. So now I’m left with figuring out what to bring, and what to get rid of. I’ve at least figured out what to toss and what to store. Baby steps right?

What’s everyone else been up to? If you had to move to a different country- What’s the one thing you would bring with you??

Teaching my first yoga class

So with everything that’s happening with my move to UK, it feels like I’ve forgotten to tell you guys about anything about Costa Rica. Remember how I was in Costa Rica just a mere 19 days ago?


So first up, I wanted to tell you all about teaching my own yoga class. We were told on week 1 that at the end of the program, we would be teaching our very own 90 minute class. The first thought I had when I was told this was, “Do I have to?” My second thought was, “But what will I say?” Yes, I realize I was at a yoga teacher training, but it still seemed terrifying that I was going to have teach a class.


I put it out of my mind for the next 3 weeks, as we learnt assists and cues for different poses and sequences. Throughout the three weeks, I found my voice. The first few days, I struggled on what to tell the other person so they would know what I meant. How do you explain to someone what “Mountain” looks like? How do you tell them to move their body in the way you want them to move it?

Then, one day, I was partnered with someone who, when they walked me through the sequence, didn’t parrot back to me the cues we were learning, but put it in her own words. As I listened to her, I realized that I knew these poses. I didn’t need to remember the cues I was learning in the moment because I already knew the cues. I knew that Warrior 2 has your feet on a tight rope, with the bent knee open so you can see your big toe. I didn’t need to learn this- I just needed to remember what I already knew.


From then on, it became easier. I had the confidence in myself that I could do this. Every morning yoga class, I gained confidence in my body of what it was capable of doing. And every afternoon, in our sessions, I gained confidence in my ability to teach others what to do.

So by the time week 4 hit, and we were suppose to teach a class, I was nervous but felt ready. So when the names were called of who was teaching in what order, and I learnt I was the first to teach- on Monday morning at 6 am, I felt a little nervous. But mostly- I felt excitement. Excitement that I was actually going to do this.


Sunday afternoon, I went up to the area that I was going to be teaching and put together my sequence. It started with me trying to match up songs to the area of the sequence I was doing. But inspiration took over and suddenly I had pages of poses I wanted to do, and even more ideas running through my head. I ran through the practice sequence and called it a day.

Monday morning arrived, and with it, my nerves. Suddenly, my heart was beating so fast that I was sure others could hear it. I had been paired with 5 of the most supportive women, so I knew that even if I taught the worst class, I was still in a really safe place. I kept repeating that to myself as I got ready to teach the class.


As my playlist began, I sat with everyone and settled myself into my body. And as we began to move, my nerves completely left me.

Things that I had planned to do in the class sometimes didn’t feel right, so I would substitute it with others. Some things came to me as we went through the class. I felt truly inspired throughout the entire class. And I knew that my inspiration was coming out, and the class was exactly what I hoped it would be.


As the class ended in a guided meditation in shavasana, I felt such love. Love for myself for having gone out of my comfort zone and doing this. Love for those in the class for letting me lead them through 90 minutes of yoga. The moment itself was so fulfilling, and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

As that moment faded away with everyone finishing the class, I felt happiness for having had that moment. The women in my group gave me amazing feedback for having taught them a great class. I think I floated on my way home- being greeted by people on the path, having them tell me they heard my class was great.


Truly, it was an amazing experience. While I won’t be teaching yoga for awhile now, just due to time constraints, I will definitely remember the feeling of teaching yoga for a long time.

And for anyone who’s nervous about trying something new- I say wholeheartedly: Just do it! It’s such an amazing experience to overcome your fear, and climb to the other side of it.


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